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We Byte Professor team, committed ourselves in the mission of innovating technologies, creating fascinating pedagogy and tools that makes learning a joyful experience. 

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Where we are now

With 10 years of ambition,  4 years of research and 1 year of development, we have launched our MVP and impacted 1500 students and 3 institutions.  

For Students

For Individual Students who like to learn in new amazing ways. Students can Take 1 on 1 personal online live classes from inspiring Teachers and also enjoy our self study courses enriched with animated visuals and and gamified exercises.

For Institutions

For Institutions who like to upgrade for 21st century. A complete School Operating System that has tools for all elements of New Education Policy 2020. Interactive Contents, LMS, School Management System and workshops.

Features of Byte Professor V1

3D Animated Visual Explanations
Gamified Exercises
Adaptive Assessment
21 Century Skills
Curiosity Videos
Virtual Laboratories
Personal Tutor
Knowledge Festivals
Math Tools
Kids Zone
Book Club
Social Networking for Education
Auto Certificate Generation
School Management System

Where we want to be

Home Schooling

Enabling home schoolers with access to global certified K-12 programme

Hybrid Education with perfect combination of online (visual) and offline (kinesthetic) learning.

Activity Centre

Micro centers facilitating multiple skill development

Yoga, Art & Craft, Dance, Sports, Martial Arts, Science Labs, 3D Printing, Sapling Management, etc.

Online Store

Online Shop that has innovative, unique & quality products for K-12

VR's, iPad's/Tablets (with custom OS), Stationaries, Science Kits, Robotic Kits, Math Kits, Edu-Toys.

Mission Road Map

2020 December Soft Launch of MVP
Launch of School OS Beta Version

Byte professor launched it's state of the art School OS after collaboration with domain experts and years of R&D.

2021 July Kick Started Online Live Classes
Started Personalized Online Live Classes

Launch of online live tutoring with industry first features like interactives and assessment tools.

2021 September We are here now
Successful Pilot Project

With more than 1500 subscribers and 3 institutions onboard, we are winning hearts not just academics.

2021 October Fundraising Campaign
Collaborate with NGO's and Philanthropists

With successful MVP, we are out on the look for visionary collaborators who would like to join us in the journey.

2022 January Kickstart Content Creation
Create Essential Learning Contents

Exciting 3D visual explanations and gamified interactive content creation that will be free forever.

Dec 2022 Creation of next-gen contents
Create Storified Concept Games

Create dramatized rich visuals for each concept in the learning goals with gamified missions.

2023 July Setup Activity Centres
Launch Activity Centers in Major Cities

Space for multifaceted development of children by nurturing educational, physical, social and emotional quotient.

2024 January Home Schooling Pilot Project
Start Home Schooling Programme

Collaborate with international k12 academic boards and skilling organizations to empower home schoolers.

2024 July Online Store Setup
Setting Up Online Gadget Store

Partner with manufacturers in creating custom educational OS for devices and setup e-commerce site.

2024 December Soft Launch Flagship Model
Kickstart the Flagship Model Globally

Touching hearts of 100 million students on planet earth with amazingly new Byte Professor Learning Platform. 

Why the world will choose Byte Professor ?

Other Ed-Tech Solutions

Based on detailed case study of each and every Ed-Tech Solution
  • Less Engaging Boring Videos
  • Only concepts are explained
  • Mostly contents only in English
  • Poor curriculum mapping
  • Overpriced Courses and Live Classes
  • High Teacher Student Ratio
  • Regular Model of Exercises
  • Dated out assessment tools
  • Absence of Skill development courses
  • Lack of reading skills like Book Club
  • Lack of activity based learning
  • Regular quiz models
  • Additional burden for students
  • No centers for Kinesthetic learning
  • Distracted and complex solutions

Byte Professor

Based on 4 Years of Research and Development
  • Exciting 3D animated explanations
  • Storified approach for each concept
  • Multilingual for education in Mother Tounge
  • Rich curriculum mapping & learning goals
  • All essential courses are free
  • 1 : 3 Teacher Student ratio
  • Gamified Exercises and Problem Solving
  • AI powered assessment tools
  • Courses for 21 century skills
  • Book Club, Typing Club & Byte Talks
  • Knowledge Festivals for global exposure
  • Gamified, stunning simulations
  • Home Schooling makes student life joyful
  • Activity centers for sports, arts, yoga, etc.
  • All in one user friendly platform

Byte Professor - Education Free as in Freedom!

When education becomes EXCITING and FREE the world gets better. Join our mission of creating fascinating learning contents and tools that can touch more than 100 million hearts. Your contribution will help us create rich 3D animated visuals and engaging fun filled interactive worksheets for K-12 students across the world. Education in Mother Tongue will transform learning and that’s why we are creating contents in native languages.

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